Natives of Lancaster County

  November is designated as “Native American Heritage Month”. On Thanksgiving Day, many Americans remember the story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans sharing a feast together. Today, some Native Americans observe Thanksgiving Day as a day of mourning to memorialize the many indigenous people who lost their land and died because of colonization. With […]

Ode to the Conestoga

James D. Law was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1865. After his marriage to Agnus Duff in 1886, he emigrated to the United States and lived in Camden, New Jersey. Law was a business man, involved in various industries. He, together with his son, began making motion pictures as that technology developed, specializing in educational […]

Adam Reigart


Adam Reigart, Jr. (1765-1844) was a prominent Lancaster citizen who seems to have been involved in many organizations around the borough/city. He apparently was well respected by his peers because he seems to have been elected president of every new enterprise in the town. His father, Adam Reigart Sr. (1739-1813), was an active participant in […]

Conestoga Fun Facts

In this post I will look at some general information about the Conestoga River. Hopefully you will find this interesting.  The more time I spend photographing the river the more I come to realize that we have a tremendously beautiful natural resource right in our back yards. It is easy to ignore the river as […]


This week I will highlight some of the non-covered bridges on the Conestoga River. I featured the covered bridges in an earlier post. I’m not going to attempt to document all of the bridges that cross the river but just a few that show a variety of different styles of architecture. The bridges are listed […]

Conestoga Navigation Company

Conestoga Navigation Company Historic Marker

From 1829 through approximately 1857, the Conestoga Navigation Company operated a slackwater canal between Lancaster and Safe Harbor. Passengers and freight could board a barge at Reigart’s Landing on South Prince Street and travel down the Conestoga to the Susquehanna. From there, the traffic crossed the Susquehanna and entered the Susquehanna and Tidewater canal system […]

Lancaster County Park

Today I am going to cover the stretch of the river that borders the Lancaster County Park. This is the stretch that starts at the South Duke street bridge, runs along the road through Williamson Park and loops up close to Chesapeake Street at the main entrance of the park and then bends south again […]