Brownstown Mill

Aka Wolf’s Mill

The first mill on this site was a log mill built c1730 by a miller with the last name of Wenger. The second mill was a stone mill built by Holtzborn in 1750. That mill was purchased by John Wolf 1811. Jacob and Lavina Wolf had ownership in 1856 when they built the current mill. Joel Wenger owned the mill from 1864 until about 1870. Joel’s son, Clayton Wenger owned and operated the mill until it closed in the early 20th century. Wenger converted the mill to generate electricity in 1903. It supplied electricity to Brownstown, Talmage, and Farmersville until 1923. The mill stood idle for a few years until it was purchased by Lancaster Insurance Broker, Paul G. Murray. Murray and a partner operated it as a weaving mill. Later, the mill was leased to Lancaster Leaf Tobacco who used it for storage until it was purchased by Alice Wolf in 1967. Mrs. Wolf opened a gift and antique shop in 1970. Alice Wolf sold the mill in 1994 to Dale and Naomi Hartman. The mill is currently in use as a residence.

The mill is located at 430 West Farmersville Road, Leola, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceConestoga
TownshipWest Earl
Headrace750 feet
Tailrace150 feet
Dam Height5 feet
Power2 turbines
Capacity75 bbl /day