Mill Monday 01 – Compass Mill

Welcome to Mill Monday! Each Monday morning I will feature a water-powered grist mill located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Today’s featured mill is the Compass Mill in Warwick Township. When the Moravian Brotherhood began laying out the new town of Lititz in 1754, landowner George Kline purchased a small tract of land along a little stream called “Carter’s Run” that included a small, wooden sawmill. Kline converted the sawmill to a grist mill and began operations in 1757. The wooden mill operated for almost two decades before it was destroyed by a fire, a common occurrence for grist mills.

The Moravians rebuilt the mill with stone with assistance from millwright Hans Cristoph Christensen. The mill was completed in December of 1776. The new mill was laid out by the cardinal points of the compass, hence name of the mill became “Compass Mill”. The mill served the community well through 1927.More information about this mill and its current state can be found here: Compass Mill

See you next Monday!