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This week I will highlight some of the non-covered bridges on the Conestoga River. I featured the covered bridges in an earlier post. I’m not going to attempt to document all of the bridges that cross the river but just a few that show a variety of different styles of…

Conestoga Navigation Company

From 1829 through approximately 1857, the Conestoga Navigation Company operated a slackwater canal between Lancaster and Safe Harbor. Passengers and freight could board a barge at Reigart’s Landing on South Prince Street and travel down the Conestoga to the Susquehanna. From there, the traffic crossed the Susquehanna and entered the…


I’m writing this blog to show the beauty and history of the Conestoga River waterway. But sometimes, in order to appreciate the beauty you have to be honest about the ugly. So with this post illuminate a serious threat that the river faces.


“Bridgeport” is the local name for the place where two major arteries, the Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt 340) and Lincoln Highway East (Rt 462) converge to cross the Conestoga River and become East King Street, Lancaster. As I mentioned in my introductory post, I have chosen to divide the river…