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Martin Chartier

  This is the second installment on my series about the fur traders that had some connection to the area of Pennsylvania that would later become Lancaster County. These traders were the frontiersman that explored the territory and interacted with the native Americans that inhabited the area at the time….

Seneca George

The Story of Seneca George   During Pennsylvania’s colonial period, the colony’s magistrates relied heavily upon a small group of people who could act as translators and help to negotiate agreements between Pennsylvania and the original occupants of the land, principally the Lenape (Delaware) and the Iroquois (Five Nations). Some…

A Portage Reenactment

During the 17th century, the North American fur trade was big business. Fur-lined coats with fur collars were highly prized in the European markets. Beaver fur was especially desired because the underside of the coat was waterproof. This lining of tightly packed hairs was used to make felt for hats….

Natives of Lancaster County

  November is designated as “Native American Heritage Month”. On Thanksgiving Day, many Americans remember the story of the Pilgrims and Native Americans sharing a feast together. Today, some Native Americans observe Thanksgiving Day as a day of mourning to memorialize the many indigenous people who lost their land and…