Conestoga River Photo Essay – Introduction

Somehow I got it into my head that I would like to photography the Conestoga River from its source to its end as it flows into the Susquehanna. This blog is a record of that project as it comes together. I plan to include some history about places along the river as I document the current situation with the photographs.

Sunlight falls on the Conestoga River on a misty morning.

For my purposes I have divided the river into two sections, the upper and the lower Conestoga. The middle point is the bridge that carries route 462 (King Street) across the river at the intersection called “Bridgeport”. This blog will not be in any particular order. I’ll just document the sections as I come to them. All of the photos in the blog are my own except for the scans of images taken before I was born.

I hope you enjoy this little excursion along the Conestoga!

4 thoughts on “Conestoga River Photo Essay – Introduction

  1. Will be looking for your future photo! Also I have access to conestoga camping association near brownstown.

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