Bowmansville Roller Mill

Aka Von Nieda Mill
2 Voneida Street, Narvon, PA

(Lord 04-03) Christian Good erected the first mill and dwelling house on this site c1740, both under one roof. Jacob Good had the first mill, a log mill. Peter Good was the owner from 1751 to 1757, then Widow Good in 1758, Christian Good in 1769, and Hans (John) Good from 1772 to 1790. John Good erected the second mill c1780, replacing the earlier mill. By 1793 John had died and the Widow Good was the owner. Then from 1799 to 1823 the tax list has a second John Good as owner. Henry Von Nieda built the third mill, that still stands today, c1850. The mill ceased operation in the 1950s.

Builtc. 1850
Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceMuddy Creek
Dam4 feet
Headrace5000 feet
Tailrace200 feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity30 bbl flour/day