Bowmansville Roller Mill

Aka Von Nieda Mill

The Bowmansville Roller Mill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1989. Complete information including a video may be found on the Historic Preservation Trust website at the following link:

1737Christian Good
1751Peter Good
1769Christian Good
1772Hans Good
1780New mill built
1793Widow Good
1799John Good
1851Henry Von Nieda & Samuel Grill
c1854Current mill built
1855Henry Von Nieda buys Grill’s share
1887John Adam Von Nieda
1888Added roller mills
1913Henry Franklin Von Nieda
1945Operations ceased
1967Stewart Keen
1989Placed on National Register
of Historic Places
2004Ron & Nancy Funk
Updated: April 16, 2024
Structure3 Story Stone
Dimensions44 x 50
Water SourceBranch of Muddy Creek
Dam4 feet
Headrace5,000 feet
Tailrace200 feet
Power2 Overshot
Capacity30 bbl flour/day

The mill is located at 2 Voneida Street, Narvon, PA