Brunnerville Mill

A mill on this site was owned by John Youndt from 1792 until at least 1824. The current, stone mill was built by Martin D. Grube in 1855. In 1864 Abraham Burkhart was the owner, in 1875 and 1899 it was Benjamin Snavely. Later, Ben B. Snavely took over from his father and was the last to operate the mill. The mill closed in 1917. It was used for storage in 1969 and was converted to a dwelling in 1987 and in 2021 is in very good condition.

The mill is located at 475 Snavely Mill Road, Lititz, PA

Structure4.5 Story Stone/Frame
Water SourceHammer Creek
Tailrace100 feet
Dam Height9 feet
Power2 turbines
Capacity12 bbl /day