Brunnerville Mill

The Brunnerville Mill sits along the Hammer Creek in Elizabeth Township. John Youndt built a log mill on this site in 1792. The current stone mill was built in 1855. Milling operations ceased in 1917. The mill has been renovated into a private residence.

1792John Youndt
1832Martin D. & Elizabeth Grube
1855Martin Grube built current mill
1864Abraham Burkhart
1875Benjamin H. Snavely
1917Operations ceased
1921Benjamin B. Snavely
1946L. M. Snavely
1987Converted to a private residence
by Donal Markey
2012Shawn & Jessica Long

The mill is located at 475 Snavely Mill Road, Lititz, PA

Structure4.5 Story Stone/Frame
Water SourceHammer Creek
Tailrace100 feet
Dam Height9 feet
Power2 turbines
Capacity12 bbl /day