Burnt Mill

The first mention of a mill on this site was Good’s Mill in 1737. Casper Shirk owned the mill from 1787 to 1792. In 1792 it was owned by Johannes Eshback, in 1798 by Michael Wengert, and in 1810 by David Harnish. The mill was then owned by Isaac Hainey from 1813 to 1827 and he built the new brick mill in 1814. In 1815, it was described as a grist mill of brick, 3 stories high, and 60×80 feet with an attached sawmill. The brick mill was purchased by John Keeport in 1828. Keeport owned the mill until 1842 when Joseph Good became the owner. John and Jacob Good became the owners in 1850. In 1864, the mill was the property of David Hainey who had a grist mill and distillery.

The mill burned down in 1871. After it burned the three- and one-half story mill was reduced to a one- and one-half story mill. In 1875 the property was owned by Thomas Baumgardner and in 1899 it was owned by John Baumgardner but is not shown as a mill in either year.

Structure2.5 Story Brick
Water SourcePequea Creek
TypeGrist, Saw
Headrace100 feet
Dam Height?
Power1 turbine, 1 undershot
Capacity8 bbl /day

In the early 1900s it was owned and operated by Abraham Hess. In 1922, the road docket for the Marticville Road refers to “Good’s Mill on the Pequea now Hess’ Mill known as Burnt Mill.” Currently the rebuilt mill is being used for apartments and is in good condition.

This mill is located at 224 Silver Mine Road, Conestoga, PA.