Camargo Mill

Aka Shultz’s Mill

Camargo Mill

The Camargo Mill was one of the largest and best equipped mills in the county. The mill produced feed for horses and cattle, and flour for human consumption. An attached sawmill produced lumber for the surrounding area. Operations ended in the late 20th century.

1825Benjamin & Anne Breneman
1840Henry Breneman
1858Christian W. Shultz
1899Susan M. Shultz
1905Henry S. Rohrer
1917Ross H. Rohrer
1944Arthur B. & Henry B. Rohrer
1980sOperations ceased
2012David Rohrer
2015Mervin J. and Verna S. Esh
Structure3.5 Story Brick
Dimensions50 x 55
Water SourceBig Beaver Creek
Headrace1,700 feet
Tailrace1,500 feet
Dam Height6 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity100 bbl / day

The mill is located at 447 Camargo Road, Quarryville, PA.

Updated: January 5, 2024