Centerville Flour Mill

Aka Moore’s Mill

1804Martin Greider
1864John H. Moore
1899Martin A. Moore
1905Destroyed by fire
1906Converted to generate
19??Amos Newcomer
1988Generating power for PP&L
2021Diana Hill

The Centerville Flour Mill sits along Garfield Road south-east of Mount Joy. You might not notice that it is a mill because most of the mill is gone. All that is left is a small building that sits atop the turbine. The turbine still works and is connected to an electrical generator. The owner, who lives across the street, has a huge collection of mill stones.

The mill is located at 4035 Garfield Road, Mount Joy, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceChickies Creek
Power1 Turbine, 1 Overshot
Headrace500 feet
Tailrace150 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Capacity25 bbl / day