Chickies Roller Mill

Aka Donegal Mill

Christian Haldeman built this mill in 1837. Haldeman died in 1841 and the mill was purchased by John Becker. John Becker had been the miller at the Rothsville mill but moved to Chickies in 1854.  Becker engaged in milling and distilling for about ten years.

In 1845, Professor S. S. Haldeman, Dr. E. Haldeman, and others, built iron furnaces at the mouth of the Chickies Creek. In 1865, John Becker joined with a partner with the last name of Reinhold and converted the property into an iron foundry and rolling mill making muck iron for the Haldeman Company. The Chickies Rolling Mill, as it was then called, became a major employer in the Marietta area. In the July of 1875, the Chickies Rolling Mill was running day and night and turned out over 280 tons of muck bars. The roller mill ran until the late 1800s when the iron business began to slow down. John Becker died in 1894.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceDonegal Springs Run
TownshipEast Donegal
Tailrace100 feet
Dam Height4 feet

In 1899, the “old grist mill” was owned by the Theological Seminary of Lancaster. During part of that time, it was owned by Dr. John S. Simons. Later, it was converted into apartments. In 1972 the mill, referred to as the Donegal mill, was part of a proposed county park to be called the Chickies Rock Park. In 2011, it was purchased by Keith Brodfuehrer, who is using it as a private residence.

The mill is located at 1480 Long Lane, Columbia, PA.