Compass Mill

817 Rothsville Road, Lititz, PA

(Lord 55-03) In 1745 Hans Bender settled on Carter’s (Lititz) Run. From the records of the Moravian Church;
George Kline purchased a small piece of land on which John Bender’s sons had built a small saw mill. The first grist mill was of log and was built by the Moravian Brethren in 1756. There was a fire in 1775 which destroyed the mill and it was immediately rebuilt as a 3 story stone mill 60 by 44 feet. When the new mill was built it was laid out by the cardinal points of the compass hence the name Compass Mill. It was subsequently sold to John Keller and was owned by the Keller family for three generations and was then bought by Benjamin Ritter, Sr. about 1865, afterwards owned by Benjamin Ritter, Jr. and in 1883 was the property of A. W. Shober. Benjamin Bitzer purchased the mill in c1886 and in 1899 it was M. B. Weitzel. The mill was purchased in 1905 by S. E. Bushong, in 1925 by W. Martin Hess, and in 1927 by Martin Hess who closed the mill.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLititz Creek
Headrace700 feet
Tailrace900 feet
Dam Height6 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity25 bbl / day