Denlinger’s Mill

Aka Stehman’s Mill

1792First Mill
1818John & Benjamin Mellinger
1820Christian & Benjamin Mellinger
1845John Mellinger Estate
c1850D. Linton
1864C. B. & H. C. Herr
1875H. H. Stehman
1895Destroyed by fire
1899Rebuilt by John, William,
and Henry Denlinger
1912William Denlinger
1924Isaiah S. Sneath
1969Secondhand shop
1973Clayton N. Heisey
c1974Converted to a residence
Updated: September 6, 2023

This mill is located at 401 Stehman Church Road, Millersville.

Structure3 Story Stone
Water SourceW. Branch of Little
Headrace1,500 feet
Tailrace500 feet
Power2 Turbine, 1 Overshot
Capacity24 bbl / day