Eden Roller Mill

Aka Umble’s Mill

1048 W. Roseville Road, Lancaster PA

(Lord 20-02) The first mill on this site was a fulling mill built by Abraham Zook in 1812. Joseph Zook had a carding mill in 1828 and it was purchased later by Andrew Schwartz. Still later it was Joseph Groff’s Mill and then in about 1870 B. W. Harnish built a new 2 story brick mill 36 by 45 feet which was later converted to a grist mill and still later it was enlarged. In 1864 it was a paper mill owned by Emanuel Shoeber. It was a grist mill in 1875 owned by B. W. Hamish and in 1899 when it was owned by J. K. Umble. Currently it serves as a garage and is in fair condition.

Structure3.5 Story Brick
Water SourceConestoga
TownshipEast Lampeter
Tailrace12 feet
Dam Height4 feet
Power2 turbines
Capacity16 bbl / day