Eden Roller Mill

Aka Umble’s Mill

The first mill on this site was a fulling mill built by Abraham Zook in 1812. Joseph Zook had a carding mill in 1828 and it was purchased later by Andrew Schwartz. Still later it was Joseph Groff’s Mill and then in about 1870 B. W. Harnish built a new 2 story brick mill 36 by 45 feet which was later converted to a grist mill and still later it was enlarged. In 1864 it was a paper mill owned by Emanuel Shoeber. It was a grist mill in 1875 owned by B. W. Hamish and in 1899 when it was owned by J. K. Umble. Currently it serves as a garage and is in fair condition.

The mill is located at 679 Millcross Road, Lancaster PA.

Structure3.5 Story Brick
Water SourceConestoga
TownshipEast Lampeter
Tailrace12 feet
Dam Height4 feet
Power2 turbines
Capacity16 bbl / day