Hershey Mill

This mill was built in 1810 by Jacob J. Hershey. Abraham Hershey owned the mill from 1814 to 1822. Benjamin J. Hershey was the owner in 1830, Jacob R. Hershey in 1860, Ben Hershey in 1864 and 1875, J. R. Hershey in 1899, and in 1919 it was owned by David J. Hershey who closed the mill in 1930. In 1931, the Philadelphia Museum wanted to move the building to be reconstructed as an example of the architecture of the period. Plans were dropped for unknown reasons.

The mill had what was claimed to be the largest overshot wheel in the nation, measuring 20 feet in diameter and 3 and a half feet wide. It had 96 buckets around its perimeter.

Darryl and Mary Sensenig bought the property in 1965 and worked to restore the house and mill. Mary Sensenig was the owner in 2020.

The mill is located at 363 Hershey Mill Road, Mountville, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceW. Branch of the
Little Conestoga
Headrace500 feet
Tailrace500 feet
Dam Height12 feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity35 bbl / day