Hess Mill

Aka McCrabb Mill

The first mill was built of stone in c1743 by George McCullough and then it passed through many hands. Purchased by Israel Penrose in 1827, Benjamin & Joseph Penrose in 1833, and they built the new mill in 1842. In 1864 & 1875 Benjamin Penrose was the owner and by 1899 it was Larkins Penrose. The last miller was Jacob McCrabb and the mill closed in 1927. Today it is used as a barn and for storage.

The mill is located at 1698 Furniss Road, Drumore, PA.

Structure2.5 Story Frame
Water SourceFishing Creek
TypeGrist / Saw
Tailrace300 Feet
Dam Height10 Feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity25 bbl Flour/day