Kramer Mill

Aka Muddy Mill

The first mill on the site was built by Martin Fry before 1769.  He owned the mill until 1789, then ownership passed to Rudolf and Peter Fry in 1790. John Fry took ownership in 1800. It may have been owned by Michael Bar (Bare) in 1802-03. Abraham Landis owned the mill from 1804 until at least 1824.

The current mill was built by Ephrim & Elizabeth Shober in 1830 and was still being operated by Ephrim Shober in 1864. In 1875, the ownership transferred to Rubin E. Shober. The mill was acquired by John Fry in 1895 from Rubin Shober’s estate and in 1914, C. S. Kramer purchased the mill. The mill ceased operations in 1922. In 1970 it was in fair condition and vacant and in 1994 it had been refurbished and had been converted into a craft shop. It was renovated into a parochial school in 2012 and in 2021 is in good condition.

The mill is located at 1357 Kramer Mill Road, Denver, PA.

Structure2.5 Story Brick
Water SourceLittle Muddy Creek
Headrace5000 feet
Tailrace600 feet
Dam Height5 feet
Capacity8 bbls / day