Lancaster Milling Company

Aka Pugh’s Mill

c1758John Kendrick
1769John Kendrick, Jr.
1772George Kendrick
1803George Kendig
c1825Christian & Abraham Herr
1845Destroyed by fire
1851Rebuilt by Joseph & John Herr
1877Adam Groff
1889Destroyed by fire
1889Rebuilt by Samuel J. Pugh
1919Lancaster Milling Company
(Daisy Flour Mill)
1971Stopped using water power
1982Abbas Inc.
1983Jay Evans

Today, the Evans Candy Company is operating in the mill. The company website is

The mill is located on Hollinger Road behind 2100 Willow Street Pike.

Structure2.5 Story Frame
Water SourceMill Creek
TownshipWest Lampeter
Headrace50 feet
Tailrace35 feet
Dam Height14 feet
Capacity85 bbls / day