Lime Valley Mill

c1734Emanuel Hare
1793George Withers
1796Michael Withers
1815New mill built
1843George Lefever
1846Current mill built by
George & Suzanna Lefever
1864Jacob H. Zercher
1875J. Harnish
1894H. F. Haverstick
1899Mrs. H. F. Haverstick
1900Harold Hunsicker
1905Turbines installed
1939J. Lloyd Sheaffer
1946Reid Sheaffer
c1962Lancaster Milling Company
1972Damaged by Hurricane Agnes
Milling ceased
1980Converted to generate electricity
by Roy and Helen Wagner
1986Gerald Wagner
1996John and Karen Hoffmeister
2002Dam collapsed
2017Converted to private residence

The mill has been serving as a private residence since 2017.

The mill is located at 914 Lime Valley Road, Willow Street, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourcePequea Creek
TownshipWest Lampeter
Headrace1,300 feet
Tailrace100 feet
Dam Height6 feet
Power3 Turbines
Capacity75 bbl / day