Lobata Mill

Aka Breneman’s Mill

Melchior Breneman built a log mill on this site c1751. In 1797, Jacob & Catherine Breneman replaced the log mill with a stone mill. They were followed as owners by Michael Breneman, Christian Stehman, and John Erb who was the owner in 1824. In 1844 Israel Erb, a cousin, became the owner and he sold the mill to Rev. Jacob Reider, who sold it to Peter Hoffer, who owned in 1864, then to John Brubaker, John S Groff, and Eli G. Heisey in 1883. In 1899 the owner was J. M. Engle. The mill closed in 1943 and for the last 25 years it is better known as a part of Nissley’s Winery. The mill building is in excellent condition.

The mill is located at 139 Shumaker Road, Bainbridge, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceConoy Creek
Dam Height7 feet
Capacity12 bbl / day