Lobata Mill

Aka Breneman’s Mill

139 Shumaker Road, Bainbridge, PA

(Lord 11-02) Melchior Breneman built a log mill on this site c1751. In 1797, Jacob & Catherine Breneman replaced the log mill with a stone mill. They were followed as owners by Michael Breneman, Christian Stehman, and John Erb who was the owner in 1824. In 1844 Israel Erb, a cousin, became the owner and he sold the mill to Rev. Jacob Reider, who sold it to Peter Hoffer, who owned in 1864, then to John Brubaker, John S Groff, and Eli G. Heisey in 1883. In 1899 the owner was J. M. Engle. The mill closed in 1943 and for the last 25 years it is better known as a part of Nissley’s Winery. The mill building is in excellent condition.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceConoy Creek
Dam Height7 feet
Capacity12 bbl / day