London Vale Mill

62 London Vale Road, Gordonville, PA

(Lord 43-06) It is difficult to determine if it is this mill site, but in 1748 Samuel Lefever’s new mill in Strasburg was mentioned in a road request. Samuel Lefever ran a grist mill until at least 1779. The records show that Jacob Eshleman had a mill in 1781 and was taxed on it till 1792. Based on the tax of 1781 there was an earlier mill and it was replaced in 1787 by a new mill. There was Jacob Eshleman & Son from 1793 to 1810, David and Jacob Eshleman from 1811 to 1825. The mill closed in 1939. The mill is in good condition and used as a garage and for storage.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceEshleman Run
Headrace100 feet
Tailrace200 feet
Dam Height3 feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity10 bbl / day