Martic Forge Mill

Aka Pequea Valley Mill/Flory’s Mill

c1770Abraham Keagy
1780Henry Keagy
1785Richard Keagy
1786New mill built by Rudolph Keagy
1793Richard Keagy
1795Abraham Kendig
c1800David Greider
1824John Good
1864A. Groff
1864Destroyed by fire
1875Abraham Harnish
1879John B. Good
1885Samuel & Ella Myer
1888Reuben B. Baker
c1907Benjamin E. Flory
1920Paul Flory
1923Operations ceased
1923Suzanne (Flory) Mc Junkin
1999Made into a private residence
by Merle & Carrie Aukamp
2017Brandon & Amanda Clare

The mill serves as a residence and the owners operate an Air B&B called “The House at Climber’s Run” in what had been the miller’s house. For information see their website at

The mill is located at 894 Marticville Road, Pequea, PA.

BuiltPre 1770
Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceClimber’s Run
Headrace5,000 feet
Tailrace300 feet
Dam Height3 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity25 bbl / day