Millport Roller Mill

1800sBenjamin Steamant (sawmill)
1816Joseph Musser
1820Charles Sheffer
1826Jacob Weis
c1830Samuel Fry
1867Christian Neff
1877John Minnich
1879Samuel Kafroth
1881Collapsed under weight of grain,
1885Destroyed by fire
1885Joseph Herr began to rebuild,
Samuel Kafroth finished it.
1886W. H. Seiple
1892Emma Trobert
1903Wallace M. Zook
1932Elmer L. Zook
1945J. R. Zook
1969Robert S. Wohlsen
1973Hurricane Agnes destroyed dam
Dam rebuilt with rock.
1988Converted to an art gallery
1998Dam removed
2008Franklin & Marshal College

The mill is located at 737 East Millport Road, Lititz, PA and is part of the Millport Conservancy.

Structure2.5 Story Stone /
Water SourceLititz Run
Headrace1,700 feet
Tailrace2,500 feet
Dam Height16 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity50 bbl / day