Millport Roller Mill

There was a mill at Millport in 1824, but which lacks the name of the owner. Jacob Weis purchased the mill and operated it until his death in 1862 and it was inherited by his daughter who was married to Samuel Fry. In 1864 the owner was S. Fry, in 1875 it was C. Neff, and in 1899 the mill owner was S. Goffroth. The mill was rebuilt in 1892. The mill was purchased by Wallace M. Zook in 1902 and passed to E. L. Zook in 1932. In 1993, it was still in operation as Millport Roller Mill owned by J. R. Zook.

The mill is located at 737 East Millport Road, Lititz, PA.

Structure2.5 Story Stone /
Water SourceLititz Run
Headrace1700 feet
Tailrace2500 feet
Dam Height16 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity50 bbl / day