New Milltown Roller Mill

Aka Hess’s Mill

In 1733, Samuel Blythe was granted land along the Pequea Creek. Sometime within the next ten years, he built the first mill on the Pequea. In 1744, Blythe submitted a request for a road to be built from Frances Jones’ land in Gap to his mill on the Pequea. This road, now route 772, would eventually become part of the Newport Road that ran from Mount Hope to Newport, Delaware.  In 1744, Samuel and Margaret Blythe sold the mill to their son, William Blythe.  Seven years later, William and Katherine Blythe mortgaged 20 acres and the grist mill to John Houston.

The current stone mill was built by John Houston in the year 1752 or 1753. In 1759 John Houston and Martha his wife mortgaged 20 acres and a grist mill to Sabastian Graff. Township records show that in 1759 and in 1766 John Houston was taxed on a grist mill and in 1770 it was Daniel Houston, in 1780 it was James Houston, in 1781 it was William Houston, in 1782 it was Robert Houston, 1783 William Houston [in Leacock], in 1784 David Houston, and from 1786 to 1789 Daniel Houston. In 1792 John Houston sold the mill to Christian Hess.

Christian Hess was taxed on a mill from 1790 to 1809; Christian Hess and Christian Hess, Jr. from 1810 to 1816 and Christian Hess from 1818 to 1825. In 1815, Christian Hess owned a stone mill 45×55 feet on Pequea Creek. By 1860 it was owned by Dan Denlinger and by 1870 by Jacob Hunsecker, and in 1899 by E. E. Hunsecker. There was a fIre in the mill in 1937 and it was partly rebuilt. In 1969 it was Hess’ Mill, in 1994 a country market and craft shop, and was “for sale” in 1995. Ron and Isabel Lieberman bought the property in 1998 and are using it for a residence and a bookstore.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourcePequea Creek
Headrace1300 feet
Tailrace60 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power2 Turbine
Capacity20 bbl / day

The mill is located at 4887 Newport Road, Kinzers, PA.