New Milltown Roller Mill

Aka Hess’s Mill

The New Milltown mill sits where the Newport Road crosses the Pequea Creek. During the revolutionary war, this mill produced flour for the Continental Army. The current structure was built around 1800 by Christian Hess. Today, it is a residence and a bookstore.

c1743Samuel & Margaret Blythe
1744William & Katherine Blythe
1751John & Martha Houston
c1752New mill built
1770James Houston
1781William Houston
1782Robert Houston
1783William Houston
1784David Houston
1786Daniel Houston
1790Christian Hess
c1800Current mill built
1818Christian Hess, Jr.
1860Dan Denlinger
1870Jacob Hunsecker
1899E. E. Hunsecker
1905Amos Skiles Hess
1937Destroyed by fire and partially rebuilt
1952John J. Hess, Jr.
1994Country market and craft shop
1998Ron and Isabel Lieberman

The mill is located at 4887 Newport Road, Kinzers, PA.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourcePequea Creek
Headrace1,300 feet
Tailrace60 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity20 bbl / day