Mount Hope Mill

The first mill was a 1.5 story, 30×60, log mill built by Jacob Graybill. In 1784, Peter Grubb purchased 212.5 acres and a grist mill from Jacob Graybill situated near the head of Chickies Creek upon which he built Mt. Hope Furnace. H. Bates Grubb received 1/3rd of Mount Hope from his father, Peter Grubb in 1786 and purchased the other 2/3rd from his brother, Burd Grubb, in 1793. The next tax record, and the last available, was in 1805 when H. B. Grubb was taxed for a grist mill. This was the second mill built about 1804. Henry Bates Grubb died intestate in 1822 and left Mt. Hope to sons, Edward B. and Clement B. Grubb.

In 1845 Clement B. Grubb sold his half of Mount Hope to A. Bates Grubb. In 1864 and 1875, the mill was owned by E. & A. B. Grubb and by Miss D. E. B. Grub in 1899. The mill burned and was rebuilt in 1904 as a barn and for storage. In 1969 and 1995, the mill was used as a barn and is in good condition. The frame part of the current mill building may be a later addition.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceChiques
PowerOvershot Wheel
Headrace400 feet
Tailrace200 feet
Dam Height6 feet
Capacity12 bbl/day