Osceola Mill

1756Samuel Patterson
1758Jacob & Elizabeth Ludwig
1783George & Catherine (Ludwig) Eckert
1807George Eckert, Jr.
1829George Lewis Eckert
1868Rebuilt by Israel Rohrer
1874Martin Rohrer
Named the mill “Osceola”
1879Moses Snavely
1903Jesse C. Snavely
1917Converted to electricity
1967Richard & Dolores Hackenberger
1981Charles Shoemaker
Structure3.5 Story Stone / Frame
Water SourcePequea Creek
Headrace1,000 ft
Tailrace80 ft
Power2 Turbines

Currently the mill is in good condition and is being used as a home and studio. The nearby miller’s house operates as the Osceola Mill House Bed and Breakfast. (https://www.osceolamillhouse.com)

The mill is located at 315 Osceola Mill Road, Paradise, PA.