Puseyville Mill

Puseyville Mill Ruins

Puseyville was a bustling place just after the Civil War. The nearby Black Rock and White Rock forges brought many workers to the area. The area declined after the forges went out of blast. The mill operated as a saw mill for a while but now stands in ruins.

1741William Brown
1743Matthew Brown
c1750Hieronemus Eckman
1769John Eckman
1786John Kinkaid
1795Samuel Pusey built new mill
1816Samuel Pusey and Son
1864Mahlon Pusey
1874Thomas K. Pusey
1892Mill refurbished
1903Octoraro Water Company
1918Abram G. and H. Galen Fritz (sawmill)
Structure2.5 Story Stone
Dimensions30 x 40
Water SourceW. Branch of Octoraro
TownshipEast Drumore
TypeFlour/Grist/ Saw/Cider
Headrace900 feet
Tailrace50 feet
Dam Height6 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity8 bbl/day

The ruins can be seen along Puseyville Road just below the Theodore Parker Natural Area.