River View Mill

Aka Haldeman’s Mill

1840Solomon Haldeman
1849Isaac Kuhns
18??Samuel Ebersole
1883Abraham Collins
1942Closed by J. M. Biesecker
1987Joseph Schmidt
2022Moved to Stone Gables Estate
Builtc. 1840
Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceSnitz Creek
Headrace1,300 ft
Dam Height6 ft
Power1 Overshot
Capacity50 bbl/day

The mill was located at 2392 River Road, Bainbridge, PA. In July of 2022, the mill was being disassembled was to be moved to the Stone Gables Estates in Elizabethtown.

Front door of the Haldeman Mill
Front door of River View Mill
July, 2022