Share’s Mill

Aka Donegal Mill

Captain John Galbraith built a grist and sawmill out of logs on the Donegal Creek in 1720. This mill was located on a heavily travelled road that ran from the fur trading posts on the Susquehanna to join with Peter’s Road in Mount Joy. Captain Galbraith died in 1753 and the mill was sold to John Bayly. Bayly operated the mill until his death in 1794. The farm and mills were then purchased by Heinrich Schaerr (aka Henry Share).

In 1804, Henry Share tore down the Galbraith/Bayly mills and built a three-story merchant mill on the south side of the road. In 1813, Share called for an “artificial road” to be built from the Anderson’s Ferry, Waterford and New-Haven turnpike road, past his mills, to intersect with the Lancaster, Elizabethtown and Middletown turnpike at Richland and Mount Joy. This road is now Anderson Ferry Road (Route 772).

Henry Share offered the plantation, including the grist mill, for sale by auction on March 7, 1822. The mill was purchased by John Stauffer who operated the mill for almost 20 years. Then, on Jan 27, 1841, Stauffer advertised the mill for sale.

According to the 1864 atlas, the mill was still owned by John Stauffer in 1864. But it was owned by Henry Heistand in 1875, and by J. M. Brant in 1899. Phares S. Wolgemuth bought the East Donegal Mill from H. E. Wolgemuth in 1908. Phares. E. Wolgemuth ran the Donegal Mill Hatchery at the mill in 1926 and closed the mill in 1931. It is currently owned by Robin and Tracy Kauffman and is being used for storage.

The mill is located at 615 Anderson Ferry Road, Marietta, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceDonegal Springs Run
TownshipEast Donegal
Headrace1300 feet
Tailrace1000 feet
Dam Height8 feet
PowerOvershot Wheels
Capacity10 bbl / day