Spring Grove Mill

Aka Oberholtzer’s Mill / Hurst Brothers Mill

Iron master, Cyrus Jacobs built the Spring Grove Forge in 1793. The forge converted pig iron into bars. The Spring Grove mansion was built in stages between 1790 and 1830. The forge closed in 1867, two years after the close of the Civil war. The following year, Peter Zimmerman purchased Spring Grove Furnace and re-sold the water rights, dam, and 350 acres to Joseph Oberholtzer. Joseph Oberholtzer operated the mill for nearly thirty years until his death in 1897.

After Joseph’s death, the mill was put up for public auction. Joseph’s son, Peter W. Oberholtzer entertained the winning bid and became the new owner.

Peter owned the mill for about twelve years and sold the mill to Samuel S. Gehman in 1909. Gehman in turn, sold it to Weaver Horst in 1912. Weaver’s son Paul Hurst took ownership in 1922. After Paul retired, his sons, Irwin and Weaver Hurst took over the family business, operating under the name Hurst Brothers Mill. Later, Irwin’s sons, Richard and Douglas Hurst joined the business with their uncle. The mill was still operating for local customers until approximately 1994.

Titus Reiff purchased the property in 2000. Reiff operated a farm equipment sales and service business on the site. In 2004, the property was conveyed to Titus’ son, Jonathan Reiff who continued the business Currently the old mill is in fair condition and is used for farm equipment storage.

The mill is located at 360 Spring Grove Road, East Earl, PA.

Structure4.5 Story Stone
Water SourceConestoga River
TownshipEast Earl
Tailrace1300 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity60 bbl / day