West Earl Grist Mill

Aka Groffdale Mill

West Earl Grist Mill

On January 29, 1895, this mill was the location of a meeting with Bishop Jonas Martin and interested neighbors to discuss the formation of the Old Order Mennonite Church.

c1735Hans Graaf (Groff)
1738Peter Groff
1765Peter Groff, Jr.
1772Magdalena Groff
c1793Abraham Groff
1801Abraham Groff built current mill
c1809Martin & Magdalena (Groff) Schaeffer
1835Abraham Groff
1883George W. Martin
1890Henry M. Weaver
1918Martin M. Weaver
1978Ervin N. Weaver
2007MM Weaver & Sons, Inc.
2022Weaver Properties, Inc.
Structure2.5 Story Stone
Dimensions30 x 40
Water SourceGroff’s Run
TownshipWest Earl
Headrace1,000 feet
Tailrace50 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity8 bbl / day

The mill is located at 169 North Groffdale Road, Leola, PA.

Updated: August 14, 2023