White Horse Mill

Aka Henderson’s/Stauffer’s Mill

The first mill on this site was a log mill built in 1729 by Daniel Cookson. After Daniel died, his wife sold the mill to John Douglas c1758. The mill passed to John’s son, John Douglas, Jr. in 1766 who sold it in that year to Matthew Henderson. Henderson built a one-story stone mill, 36×45 feet. Then ownership passed to John Henderson who owned the mill from 1807 through 1825.

The current mill was built in 1832 by Thomas G. Henderson. In 1875, Henderson sold the mill to Reuben Martin. Martin offered the mill for sale on October 30, 1880. John Stauffer became the next owner. The Stauffer family continued to operate the mill until about 1969.     

Jeff and Betty Broderick from Cherry Hill, NJ bought the mill in 1978 and opened a discount sweater business called “The Knittery”. The Knittery operated the store at White Horse into the mid-1990s. In 1998 Dale Nelson and Neil Robert DesRuisseaux purchased the property and opened an antique shop called “Antiques at Whitehorse Mill”. In the year 2000, the mill stood unoccupied after having been gutted by a fire. In 2012, Dale Nelson sold the property to Ye Olde White Horse Mill Trust, Richard Michelfelder trustee. It now operates as “The Shoppes at White Horse Mill”.

The mill is located at 107 Cambridge Road, Gap, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceWhitehorse Run
Headrace200 feet
Tailrace50 feet
Dam Height7 feet
Capacity8 bbl / day