Zook’s Flour Mill

Aka Bushong’s Mill

1777Henry Sheibly
1799Christian Wenger
1803John Ruth
1842Samuel Ranck
18??A. Shelby
1857John & Elizabeth Bushong
build new mill
1899M. R. Bushong
1920Willis Girvin
1931Elmer Zook
1972Damaged by Hurricane Agnes
1974Roy Wagner
1986Gerald Wagner
1998Franklin C. & Frank L. Diem
converted to generate electricity
20??Produces wood pellets for use as fuel

Operating as Ironstone Mills, the mill is located at 398 Snakehill Road, Bird in Hand, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceConestoga
TownshipUpper Leacock
Headrace150 feet
Tailrace100 feet
Dam Height8 Feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity100 bbl / day