Newtown Mill

In 1722 James Roddy had a mill at this site. It was later handed down to Alexander Roddy, and John Roddy. John Flory was the owner in 1745, Valentine Florry in 1799, and John Houtz in 1803. John Houtz built the current mill on this site in 1804. John Houtz also owned the Milton Grove mill at this time. Ownership transferred to Jacob Risser in 1818. In 1864 it was owned by John Risser, in 1875 by J. C. Garber, and in 1899 by John Garber. The mill closed 1922 by John Erb. It currently being used for storage.

The mill is located at 1535 Habecker Road, Columbia, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceChickies Creek
TypeGrist / Saw
Headrace150 feet
Tailrace300 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power2 Undershot
Capacity20 bbl / day