Akron Mill

The Akron Mill was built in 1762 by Charles Hallocker/Harlacher/Hallacker who obtained the first land patent. The ownership passed to Carl Harlacker in 1783 and then to Samuel Harlacker in 1789. It was listed as the Samuel Harlacker estate from 1811 until 1814. Then, in 1817, it was owned by Samuel Hallacker. A small farming village grew up around the mill.

The mill changed hands to John Graver in 1864, Samuel Royer in 1875, and John Stoll in 1883. Akron was first mentioned as a village in 1884. In that year, Akron had a post office, a store, and a station on the Reading and Columbia Railroad. George Buch was the owner of the mill in 1899. The mill was still operating as late as 1926.

By 1969, the mill building had been reconstructed as a barn. In 1991, the Reverend David and Carolyn Myer ran a puppy mill on the property. Then, in October of 2013, the Myers put the property up for public auction. It was purchased by David and Edna Glick. In 2022, the building is being remodeled into what appears to be a workshop.

Structure2.5 Story Stone/Frame
Size30×45 feet
Water SourceCocalico Creek
Headrace300 feet
Tailrace200 feet

The mill is located at 130 Royer Road, Ephrata, PA.