Cloister Lower Mill

Aka Wenger’s Mill

198 Old Mill Road, Ephrata, PA

(Lord 25-01) The land was patented to Krufft in 1736 and there was mention of a Krubs’ Mill after that date. The early mill was a 1.5 stories, 40 by 80, limestone mill which was later owned by Eckerling who added a story. In 1741 the 70 acres were sold to the Cloister, but without mention of the mill. The Cloister Mill was built in 1748 and then was rebuilt in 1785 after a fire. In 1793-1826 it was owned by Ephrata. By 1864 it was owned by P. W. Royer, in 1875 it was B. E. Wenger, and in 1899 the mill was owned by Jacob Buck. The mill’s last operator was Samuel Mentzler who closed it in 1915 when it started to produce electricity for W. W. Moyer’s Upper Mill.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceCocalico Creek
TownshipEphrata Borough
Headrace300 feet
Tailrace150 feet
Dam Height5 feet
Power4 Turbines +
Undershot Wheel
Capacity10 bbl / day