Cloister Lower Mill

Aka Wenger’s Mill

Cloister Lower Mill

This mill was originally part of the Ephrata Cloister founded by Conrad Beissel.

c1736Andreas Kropf
1741Cloister Brotherhood
c1747Destroyed by fire and rebuilt
1814German Seventh Day Baptists
1814Mill refurbished, dam rebuilt
c1814Leased to Jacob Konigmacher
1828Leased to Benedict Bucher
1860Samuel K. Royer
1864Catherine Royer, Phares W. Royer
and Harriet Royer Dohner
1868John Messner & Jacob Zeiley
1868Current mill built
1873Benjamin E. Wenger
1876John Graver
1889Jacob Horst
1891Jacob Buch
1901Samuel Metzler
1915Operations ceased
1915Walter W. Moyer
1940Ephrata Borough
1948Walter W. Moyer Co.
1973June Haller
1993Ephrata Borough
2000Wenger Grist Mill Foundation
Structure3.5 Story Stone
Dimensions40 x 80
Water SourceCocalico Creek
TownshipEphrata Borough
Headrace300 feet
Tailrace150 feet
Dam Height5 feet
Power4 Turbines +
1 Undershot Wheel
Capacity10 bbl / day

The mill building is maintained through funds from a non-profit organized in the year 2000 as the Wenger Grist Mill Foundation.

The mill is located at 198 Old Mill Road, Ephrata, PA.