Bear’s Mill

Aka Union Mill / Denver Flour Mill

Bear's Mill

The Bear Mill Estate won the C. Emlen Urban award for Restorative and Adaptive Reuse from the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County in 2015. In 2022, the property remains a popular wedding venue. The estate’s website is

c1750Michael Bear
1775Jacob Bear
1775Michael Bear
1784Jacob Keller
1789Samuel Keller
c1795John and Mary Keller
1797Abraham Bear
1807Henry Bear built new mill
c1837Samuel H. Gring
1850Destroyed by fire and rebuilt
1860Tannery added
1877Christian Keller
1891Eliza (Keller) Stark & Emanuel R. Stark
1910Harvey Shimp
1921Paul Klein
1921Klein Bros. Chocolate Co.
1922John B. Meckley
1922Harvey E. Eberly
1924Mill fell into disuse
1928Roy Eberly
1960Dr. V. Peter Munteanu
1984Richard & Elizabeth Kramer
2011Kerry Kegerise
2014Kerry Kegerise & Mark Clark
2023Bear Mill Holdings, LLC
Structure2.5 Story Stone
Dimensions30 x 50
Water SourceCocalico Creek
TownshipEast Cocalico
Headrace2,500 feet
Tailrace300 feet
Dam Height5.5 feet
Power2 Turbines + Steam
Capacity8 bbl / day

The mill is located at 50 Weaver Road, Denver, PA.

Updated: August 7, 2023