Baumgardner’s Mill

Aka Millvale Mill

The first mill at this site was a log mill built in 1774 by Jacob Smith. It was a three-story corn and sawmill. The records of Old Conestoga show a Jacob Smith owning a mill from 1789 to 1802. Jacob Smith replaced the 1774 log mill with a new stone mill around 1806. In 1836 the mill was sold to Abraham Mylin, and he either built a new mill or enlarged the older mill which then increased the mill to a 40×60 feet, 3.5 story stone/frame mill. Mylin rebuilt the mill after a fire in 1853 in which 3000 bushels of wheat were destroyed. In 1857, Mylin sold the mill to Benjamin Harnish. It was resold in 1868 to John B. Good, in 1870 to Thomas Baumgardner, and in 1899 to J. H. Baumgardner. Then the mill changed hands several times from Baumgardner to Jacob Herr, Henry Hess, and to Edwin Diffenderfer, who was killed by the wheel in 1905 and the mill was returned to Henry Hess again in 1913. It then passed to Abram H. Hess, Enos Hamish, Sumner Brown, Clayton Hilton, who traded the mill to H. Frank Eshleman for a farm.

The mill is located at 98 Byerland Church Road, Pequea, PA next to Baumgardner’s Covered Bridge.

Structure2.5 Story Stone /
Water SourcePequea Creek
Headrace300 feet
Tailrace75 feet
Dam Height6 feet
Power2 Turbines
Capacity50 bbl / day