Donegal Mill

Aka Marietta Mill

1155 Trout Run Road, Mount Joy, PA

(Lord 16-05) The first mill was a c1775 stone mill built by Abram Stauffer who owned it until 1783 when he sold to Jacob Kreybill. Jacob ran the mill until he died in 1810 and then it passed to his son, Jacob, Jr. who ran the mill from 1810 to 1832. In 1815 the mill was described as being 40 by 36 feet and of two stories. In 1830 Jacob & Elizabeth Krebill built a new brick mill. Jacob, Jr. died in 1832 leaving the mill to his infant son, Jacob E. Greybill. From 1832 to 1850 the mill was operated by the executors. In 1850 Jacob E. Greybill assumed control of the mill from the executors and operated the mill until 1870 when he sold it to Isaac Breneman. In 1872 the mill was sold to Jacob Musser, in 1878 to Christian Nissly, in 1880 to Levi Nissly, in 1925 to Wolgelmuth, and also in 1925 to Strickler and in that year the mill ceased operation. The road originally ran in front of the mill before it crossed the creek. In the 1950s, the road was realigned to run behind the mill, obliterating the head race. Once part of Donegal Mills Plantation, is in fair condition, and has functioned as both a museum and restaurant. Today, it is used for storage.

Structure3.5 Story Brick
Water SourceDonegal Springs Run
TownshipEast Donegal
Headrace2500 feet
Tailrace1300 feet
Dam Height17 feet
Capacity10 bbl / day