Donegal Mill

Aka Marietta Mill

Donegal Mill

This mill once contained a restaurant and a museum and served as the venue for an annual Scots-Irish festival. Today, it is used for storage.

c1775Abraham Stouffer
1783Jacob Kreybill
1790Mansion house built
1810Jacob Kreybill, Jr.
1830New brick mill built
1832Jacob & Peter Nissley
1850Jacob E. Kreybill
1870Isaac Breneman
1872Jacob Musser
1878Christian H. Nissley
1879Henry Nissley
1880Levi Nissley
1925Hiram E. Wolgemuth & Elmer Strickler
1925Operations ceased
1941George Brown II
1967Franklin & Joanne Brown Zink
1974Opened as Donegal Mills Plantation
1978National Register of Historic Places
1982Donegal Mills Inn opened
1995Restaurant Closed
2010Franklin B. Zink, Jr.
2017Eli Fisher
Structure3.5 Story Brick
Dimensions45 x 70
Water SourceDonegal Creek
TownshipEast Donegal
Headrace2,500 feet
Tailrace1,300 feet
Dam Height17 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity10 bbl / day

Today, the mill is in fair condition and the mansion house appears to be in good condition.

The mill is located at 1190 Trout Run Road, Mount Joy, PA.