Drumore Mill

Aka Pennock Mill

Harmony Ridge Road, Drumore, PA

(Lord 13-01) The mill was built in 1789 by Henry Bauman (Bowman) and it was also used as a clover seed mill. This is probably the best example of an early frame grist & saw mill that is left in the county. From 1796 to 1816 Jacob Gryder owned the mill on Fishing Creek. Simon Pennock was the owner in 1817. The mill stayed in the Pennock family as William Pennock owned the mill in 1864 and L. & G. T. Pennock owned it in 1875. J. Edgar Brown was the owner in 1899. Today it is used as a residence.

Structure2.5 Story Frame
Water SourceFishing Creek
TypeGrist / Saw
Headrace30 Feet
Tailrace500 Feet
Dam Height6 Feet
Power1 Turbine
Capacity8 bbl / day