Edisonville Mill

John Herr owned a sawmill on this site in 1759. In 1769, John Herr’s son, Abraham Herr assumed ownership. He held it until his death in 1800, when it passed into the hands of his son, John Herr. John Herr began to build a new mill but died in 1822 before it was completed. His son, Samuel Herr completed building the new mill in 1822.  He operated the mill until 1836 when he died without issue, leaving a widow, Fannie, who owned it until 1839 when she married Henry Herr. In 1860, Henry Herr and Fannie conveyed the mill to Daniel K. Herr. In 1874 ownership was transferred to B. D. Moyer. In 1899 it was owned by E. Neff.

The mill’s water source was a seven-foot dam on the Pequea Creek. A 2,600-foot headrace brought the water to the mill which was powered by an overshot wheel. Water returned to the Pequea in a 50-foot tailrace. The date stone on the west gable has been mutilated and the date on the sign is incorrect. In 1969 it was the Eagle Gun Museum and currently stands vacant.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourcePequea Creek
Headrace2600 feet
Tailrace50 feet
Dam Height7 feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity8 bbl / day

The mill is located at 1350 Village Road, Strasburg, PA.