Fry’s Mill

Fry's Mill

This mill has been in the Fry family since 1790. Milling operations ended in 1918. Today is serves as an office and packing facility for the Frysville Farms Nursery.

1752Peter Gundy
1772Martin Bowman
1790John Martin Fry
1826Martin and John Fry
1848John and Elizabeth M. Fry
1848Current mill built, Covered bridge built
c1886Jacob M. Fry
1918Operations ceased
1975Miles W. Fry restored as an office
1980Covered bridge destroyed by arson
1981Restoration of stone portion of the mill.
1982Office for Miles W. Fry and Sons Nursery
1995Morton Fry
Structure2.5 Story Stone/Frame
Dimensions40 x 60
Water SourceMuddy Creek
Headrace5,000 feet
Tailrace150 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power1 Turbine, 1 Overshot
Capacity10 bbls / day

The mill is located at 302 Frysville Road, Ephrata, PA.