Goodville Roller Mill

Along Frogtown Road just south of Goodville sits the Goodville Mill. Jacob Weaver had a sawmill on this site as early as 1770. In the early 20th century, the mill boasted a 24-foot, overshot water wheel and a 27-foot hydrostatic head. The roller mills processed 5,000 bushels of wheat per year, and, in addition, a grindstone processed corn for animal feed. The mill closed in 1931 and is being used for storage.

1770Jacob Weaver Sawmill
1779Jacob Weaver’s Grist Mill
1783John Weaver
1785Jacob Weaver
c1800Benjamin Weaver
1812Joseph and John Weaver build new mill
1814Joseph and Abraham Weaver
c1820Daniel Miller
1824Joseph Miller
c1825Jacob Frantz
1835Samuel Eby
c1840Henry W. Hess
c1850Daniel Groff
1851David Martin
1894Destroyed by fire
1898Mill is rebuilt
c1900Aaron W. Martin
1908Aaron H. Weaver
1931Closed after a fire
1931Jonathan Martin converted to chicken house

The mill is located at 117 Frogtown Road, East Earl, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceCedar Creek
TownshipEast Earl
Headrace1,300 feet
Tailrace900 feet
Dam Height15 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity24 bbl / day