Myers Mill

Aka Stauffer’s Mill

Myer's  Mill

This mill operated by water power augmented by a steam engine. Operations closed in 1924 and the building is now a residence.

c1779David Whitman
Grist, saw, hemp, and fulling mill.
1795Christian Stauffer
1802New mill built
1835John Stauffer
18??Peter Stauffer
1870John Buckwalter
1878Mill enlarged
1899A. K. Denlinger
1915Wayne I. Groff
1920Reuben W. Myers
1944Hettie H. Myers
1996Amos S. Stoltzfus
Structure2.5 Story Stone
Dimensions42 x 65
Water SourceMill Creek
TownshipUpper Leacock
Headrace200 feet
Tailrace200 feet
Dam Height9 feet
Power1 Turbine, 1 Overshot, Steam
Capacity10 bbl/day

The mill is located at 562 Beechdale Road, Bird-in-Hand, PA.

Updated: August 18, 2023