Nolt’s Mill

Aka Kauffman’s Mill

George Kneisly built a mill at the head of Kauffman’s Run about one and a half miles north of Paxton-Lancaster Road prior to Revolution. George Nissley paid taxes on a grist mill from 1779 to 1786, then it was John Kneisly in 1787 and 1788. In 1792, John Kneisly owned a sawmill and in 1824 it was Hershey’s sawmill. In 1864, 1875, and 1899 the mill was a grist mill and was owned by Christ N. Nolt. At one time it was a hemp and woolen mill operated by Christ Kauffman.

In 1969 the building was in poor condition and was vacant. In 1994 the building was in very good condition and had been converted to a home in mid-1970s.

The mill is located at 1080 Snapper Dam Road, Landisville.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceKauffman’s Run
TownshipEast Hempfield
Headrace1300 feet
Dam Height2 feet
PowerOvershot Wheel
Capacity8 bbl / day