Oregon Roller Mill

1717Jacob Bear (Bare)
1735Samuel Bear
1767Martin Myer
1810Jacob Staman
1814Current mill built
1824Pennsylvania Bank
1829Benjamin Landis
1850Jacob Hess
1864Abraham Shenk
1872Simon Hostetter
c1909H. F. & A. F. Hostetter
1909Destroyed by fire
1909Rebuilt by Harry S. Withers
1920J. V. Bittner
1943Operations ceased.
1946Imperial Asphalt Co.
1950Jerome & Anna Lois Mellon
195?Thomas W. & Mary Arlene Rose
1955Elmer L. & Jacob L. Zook
1975Bradford O’Neal
1986Lynn Patterson
1989Church of the Brethren

The mill is located at 1417 Oregon Road, Leola, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLititz Run
Headrace40 feet
Tailrace300 feet
Dam Height12 feet
Capacity75 bbls / day