Oregon Roller Mill

1417 Oregon Road, Leola, PA

(Lord #34-04) This is one of the more important mill sites in Lancaster County both for it’s early date and the road system developed by this mill. Jacob Bear had a mill in 1717. Jacob Bear’s Mill on Carter’s Run (Lititz Run) was mentioned in road calls between 1726 and 1748. His son succeeded him in ownership of the mill until he sold it in 1767 to Martin Myers. In or about 1810, Myers sold the mill to Jacob Staman, who soon afterwards replaced it with a new one. In 1824 it was sold by the sheriff to the Pennsylvania Bank, then it was
Benjamin Landis in 1829, Jacob Hess in 1850, Abram Shenk in 1864 and he sold it in 1872, and Simon Hostetter was owner in 1883. In 1909 there was a fire and the mill was rebuilt in 1909 by H. Winter. In 1969 it was vacant and in 1994 it was completely refurbished and today is used as an office building.

Structure3.5 Story Stone
Water SourceLititz Creek
Headrace40 feet
Tailrace300 feet
Dam Height12 feet
Capacity75 bbls / day