Rome Mill

In 1788 Susanna Hess had an oil and hemp mill. Christian Hess advertised in 1790 that his grist mill in Lititz was in operation with new machinery. Samuel Eby, Sr. acquired the mill in about 1830 and he was followed by his son, Samuel Eby, Jr. In 1850 the mill was owned by Jonas Hess and in 1860 by Anna Hess. In 1864 the owner of the mill was Susanna Frank, and in 1899 it was J. H. Hess. In 1884 the stone mill burned and a frame mill was erected, 40 by 50 feet, on the foundation in 1885. Later the mill was owned by David Huber and then by his son, John Huber who was the last to operate the mill.

The mill is located at 25 Lititz Run Road, Lititz, PA.

Structure3.5 Story Frame
Water SourceLititz Creek
Tailrace30 feet
Dam Height4 feet
Power1 Turbine
Capacity10 bbl / day