Spring Mill

Aka Zug’s / Grube’s Mill

Nathan Evans built the first mill in 1753. There may have been a second mill built by anyone of several millers listed in the tax lists between 1758 and 1823 when the new mill was built, by David Zug. It may like Pool Forge, have been owned by a member of the Evans family during some of those years as John Evans owned a mill from 1769 to 1814 and a Francis Mengle own a mill from 1815 to 1822 just before David Zug appears in 1824. Owned in 1864 and 1875 by Jacob Grube and in 1899 by Martin Grube. The mill closed in 1923. It is currently used as a business.

The mill is located at 217 S. Red School Road, Morgantown, PA.

Structure2.5 Story Stone
Water SourceSpring
PowerOvershot Wheel
Dam Height8 feet
Headrace1,500 feet
Tailrace1,300 feet
Capacity15 bbl / day