Spring Mill

Aka Zug’s / Grube’s Mill

The Spring mill is so called because it’s water source came from a nearby spring. It is included in the Conestoga watershed because it’s tailrace emptied into the Conestoga.

1753Nathan Evans
c1823David Zug
c1828David Mast
1829Martin Oberholtzer
1832John Buckwalter
1840John Plank
1855Abe & Sam Lincoln
1858Jacob Grube
1880Martin Grube
c1900Operations ceased
1912Jacob Hartz
1922David Yoder
2008Brian Martin
Structure2.5 Story Stone
Dimensions40 x 50
Water SourceSpring
Headrace1,500 feet
Tailrace1,300 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power1 Overshot
Capacity15 bbl / day

Updated: February 9. 2024

Currently used a business, the mill is located at 217 S. Red School Road, Morgantown, PA.