Willow Grove Mill

Aka Brenner’s Mill

c1759Rudolf Herr
1770Rudy Herr (Oil Mill)
1812Benjamin Kauffman
1821Jonas Eby
c1844Martin Harnish
1852Israel & Eliza Nestleroth
1853Current mill built
1857Jacob N. Metzler
1863George Levan
1866George & Samuel L. Levan
1870John Brenner
c1890Levi Brenner
1897B. Eschbach
19??Closed by Harry H. Eschbach
c2000Margro Company

Recently it has been used as a fertilizer plant called the Margro Company. The exterior has been modified with unpainted cement blocks filling the window openings, and complete alterations in the interior. However, the building is in good condition.

The mill is located at 1020 Millersville Road, Lancaster.

Structure3.5 Story Brick
Water SourceLittle Conestoga
Headrace500 feet
Tailrace50 feet
Dam Height8 feet
Power2 turbines, 1 Overshot
Capacity10 bbl / day